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Unique natural extraction method without using chemicals Simultaneously

extract humic acid and fulvic acid!

※ Patent pending! !

©︎Makoto Yoshida

A valuable mixture of humic acid and fulvic acid!

Humic acid and fulvic acid of humic substances indispensable for plant environment. Both are the only products that can be used at the same time, yet with confidence.

Long term stability and safety with chemical-free!

We do not use chemicals at all for extraction or refining. The level that can be used as a raw material for cosmetics and food!

For every plant!

From soil improvement to nursery seedling, planting and growth promotion, there are various ways to use such as compost manufacturing, addition of artificial medium and mushroom to fungal bed.

High concentration and excellent cost performance!

No hesitation in using "HS-2" because of a low price.


Raw materials compost of hardwood chips are aged for 4 years!


Creating everyone and new business. Users of “HS-2" are members.

We support the activities of "HUMIC Club".

Product Story

Why we started the research of humic substances ?

Our company has been a theme "Creating healthy and beautiful body" for many years. We have been developing health foods and cosmetics. Most of the ingredients for our products derive from plants of the earth.


The plant of raw material is not only that you can tell the active ingredients. We notice that the power is different at all in healthy plants and plants with only shapes.Not only the taste and smell change with the difference in how to grow even with the same herbs difference comes up to the effect.


And, as we observe the difference in how to raise well, we have reached the importance of making soil. Powerful raw materials are raised under healthy soil without exception.


In addition, for good soil it is always used a  good quality humus. In soil, you can see dynamic nature's activities on humus.


By nurturing such the way, we also learned that the amount of fertilization was reduced and the resistance to pests was increased.


Our goal is to develop food products and cosmetics with powerful plants on healthy soil.

This is the reason that we started this research.

Humic soil help the prevention of disease

No matter how strong a pathogen is, it will disappear in a few days in soil which is becoming humus. In addition, there is pure penicillin in compost, and it protects plants from illness.

Symbiosis with soil microbe

In the soil of 1 g of a good vegetable field, hundreds of millions to tens of millions, millions of microorganisms (bacteria, filamentous fungi, actinomycetes,protists, algae etc) are alive.

Therefore, in healthy soil of a quantity that can be held in one hand, there are much more organisms that  an entire population.


Chamomile growing in experimental farm


Raspberry growing in experimental farm


Zucchini growing in experimental farm

Powerful soil is in humus

Looking at rich land, healthy soil with power

  • Water retention and strong against drying and flood damage
  • Buffering power against pH change
  • Higher fertilizing power, large CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity),
    and buffering power against harmful substances
  • An aggregate structure that the roots are easy to stretch,
    rich in oxygen and moderately soft
  • A rich flora resistant to pathogenic bacteria
  • Rhizosphere microbes increase
  • A lot of earthworms in plant

When they are arranged side by side, they notice the interaction of the physical, chemical and microbial properties of the soil. Humus (organic matter in soil) is deeply involved in the interaction. If the humus layer is formed in the soil with a lot of humus. Thanks to stickiness of humic substances (fulvic acid and humic acid) and holes and metabolites made by earthworms.

Due to the stickiness of humic substances (fulvic acid and humic acid) and holes and metabolites made by earthworms, the soil becomes agglomerated, has the power to store water and nutrients, the roots are easy to grow, the microorganisms with rich oxygen will be activated, rhizosphere microorganisms will also increase and plants will make it easy to metabolize (absorb).


"Humus" and "Humic Substance“

"Humus" is a generic name for plant residues in soil, decomposition products of animals and microorganisms' bodies, Among them, "humic substances" are substances which have undergone aerobic microbial decomposition on the surface layer and become macromolecular organic substances with a large amount of functional groups. It is this "humic substance" that exerts its power in the soil.


"It is said that in the natural world it takes a thousand years to produce a humus layer
2.5 to 5 cm

High concentration extract of precious humic substances is "HS-2"

What is "HS-2"?

It is a safe solution of high concentrated humic substances which simultaneously extracted
fulvic acid and humic acid simultaneously in the world.

Regular methods for extracting humic substances extract fulvic acid and humic acid by immersing peat, seawater and full compost containing humic substances in a strong alkaline substance such as sodium hydroxide. Next, it neutralizes with an acidic substance such as hydrochloric acid, but humic acid insoluble in acid precipitates. This dried humic acid powder has been used in various fields. Humine, which is insoluble in both alkali and acid, is thrown away with impurities, and fulvic acid, which is rich in functional groups and valuable, was also narrow its appeal because of refining difficulties.

"HS-2" is

This is the only material that you can use simultaneously and safely humic acid that creates rich soil and fulvic acid that has highly reactive.

  • It is safe because chemicals are not used!
  • There is no worry of base of neutralization reaction!
  • Stability that can be stored for a long time!
  • Excellent cost performance because it is high concentration!

How to use High Concentrated Humus Extract "HS-2"

Just dilute and scatter.You can use it in every scene to raise crops.

Nursery seedling related

 ★To promote rooting during nursery seedlings! Dilute to 1,000 to 10,000 times,

      Please use while adjusting


If underground cultivation

 ★To promote crop growth!

 ★Pest repellent!(Leaf spreading is also possible)

 ★Also for soil improvement! It is diluted 1,000 to 20,000 times, Please use while adjusting


If the production of fertilizer

 ★Add to compost!

 ★Add to compounded fertilizer! Diluted to 1,000 times or more, Please use while adjusting


Add to compost


Add to drip

If facility cultivation

 ★Add to artificial medium!

 ★Add of solution cultivation! Please use while adjusting

If you cultivate mushroom fungi

 ★Add to the mushroom bed!


※Depending on the purpose of use, the proper concentrated varies depending on the condition and environment of the soil (medium), the type of plant to be raised, so please use while adjusting.

Thanks to photosynthesis!

Although the function of green leaves of plants is greatly related to the nature of soil and the relation between soil and plants, eventually, the supply of any food of the earth depends on so-called photosynthesis of this green leaf, other than that there is no place where food is born!

We recommend "HS-2" and we will cheer for your activities!

In order to respond sensitively to the seasons and the environment, keeping the constantly changing soil healthy, it is necessary to make great efforts to grow healthy plants. The soil quality and environment are also different, and the plant to be raised also has various characteristics, so it is not unusual for this material to be good. The only thing common to rich soils is that "humic substances are rich".

"HS-2" containing the humic substances at a high concentration.It becomes the standard of your technology and know-how."There are also uses like this!" I am looking forward to the day we can tell.

Please try it first!

Advisory Members


IZUMI Co., Ltd. Representative Director  Former JA farm coach
Minoru Iwai


Kobe-yamate University professor former
Senior Advisor Mitsubishi Corporation (Asia Consumer Products Dept. and Agricultural Produce & Daily Products Dept.)
Makoto Yoshida


Director of Joyea Japan Co., Ltd.
The Association for Preventive Medicine of Japan managing director 
Seiji Iwata

It was a pleasure providing  new humic material “HS-2” that has realized high cost performance, stable quality and high content for customers.We are planning to establish a system to gather data in verification test by many customers, analyze it  and provide the result of analysis and data for customers.And we hope that our trial with customers will contribute to agricultural developing in the world.


©︎Makoto Yoshida


Creating everyone and new business!

We will support activities of "HUMIC club" made by customers.

Beginning with information exchange (sharing) of product usage and effect of use


The exchange of technical information and new business information among members will be done.

Study sessions and exchange meeting, etc.


世界中で研究されている腐植物質 : フミン酸とフルボ酸

Studies of humus substances all over the world: humic acid & fulvic acid



Studies of humus substances in the very wide field including pharmaceutical industry are spread all over the world.

You will find plenty of literature in the agricultural find just in short search.

Please try the poewr of humic acid and fulvic acid
that have being studied in the whole world
Please try it!

世界中で研究が進むフミン酸とフルボ酸の力を 是非お試しください!

©Makoto Yoshida6

©Makoto Yoshida

©Makoto Yoshida9

©Makoto Yoshida

Various usage "HS-2"

Potential for use is also expanded for soil improvement, nursery and seedling growth promotion, additives to compost, disease prevention. By sharing the power of such humic substances in the user. I hope that effective ways to use will be built and that your activities will be enriched.

Please dilute 1000 to 20,000 times by watching the purpose of use, soil condition, growing condition of crops! The method of scattering, the timing and the number of times are also different depending on the environment and purpose.


500mℓ 4,900円

(Tax not included)


20ℓ 166,000円

(Tax not included)

※ Japan domestic price

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